Teaching English in Beijing with good salary legal work visa provided

Teaching English in our international kindergarten (2 to 6 years old Monday to Friday and off on weekends) or Training school (4 to 13 years old from Wednesday to Sunday From 1pm to 7pm off on Monday and Tuesday). No degree or teaching experience requirement as long as you are native and love teaching. Legal work visa provided even you don’t have a degree.


Employer: ForeignerHR
Employer type: Contract/Full time
Area: Beijing Chaoyang and HaiDian district. Good location
Weekly contact hours: From 9am to 6pm
Monthly salary: 8000 to 15000 per month after tax with free accommodation depends on teachers’ qualifications
Contact name: Peter
Contact email: 710683745@qq.com
Website: http://www.foreignerhr.com

Job details:

1: Location: Downtown of Beijing nearby the subway;

2: Contract Duration:Flexible but at 6 months;

3: Class size:8 to 10 kids per class;

4: Age group:From 3 to 12 years old kids;

5: Start date:Any time;

6: Working schedule:Kindergarten job from Monday to Friday and two days off on Weekends;Training school job from Wednesday to Sunday and two days off on Monday and Tuesday;

7: Requirements:No need you have degree or any teaching experience as long as you are willing to learn;

8: Salary:We can pay you from 8000RMB to 15000RMB after tax per month with free accommodation depends on teachers qualification. Please note that: The salary is equal to 2000 to 2500 US Dollars per month. The normal people in China can only earn 2000RMB to 3000RMB per month so it is a great salary for you. The city of Beijing has an extremely low cost of living even if it’s a capital city (especially when compared to America, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand), so it is very easy to save a lot of your salary for traveling,sending home to pay your debt, or building savings;

9: Work visa provided if you follow our guidance even if you don’t have degree;

10: Airport pick up upon arrival and offer assistance to help you settle in Beijing at the beginning;

11: Paid Chinese national holidays which are in total 20 days per year;

12: If you finish one year contract, will get 6000 as airfare bonus. 8000 for the second year;

13: TEFL certificate and working reference letter provided when one year contract finished;

14: Provide teaching plan and have one bilingual assistant;

15: On-going training