Teaching English in China is an ever-expanding industry. If you are looking for a guaranteed TEFL job, China is as close as you can get to it. There are so many TEFL teaching positions in China that it’s often less about finding a job and more about finding the right job to suit your individual tastes and needs.

TEFL Employers in China

TEFL positions in China can be roughly divided into three main categories: private language schools, public schools and universities.

Students in ChinaUniversities and public schools generally pay a little less than private institutes, but you will probably receive a subsidy towards your accommodation in return for around 15 hours of in-class teaching every week. Students in these environments tend to be very motivated and you will also receive considerably more time off in comparison to the private sector. Universities also tend to be reliable with pay and offering assistance with visas and other paperwork.

In a private language school you can expect to work longer hours and have fewer holidays than in the public sector; you should still receive a subsidy for your accommodation.

There are a number of agents in China who you may decide are able to help you find the teaching position you are looking for. It’s in their best interests to make sure you are placed in a position you’ll be happy with.

Whichever type of employment you find yourself in, you should have no problem earning enough to live a comfortable lifestyle. Most positions will also include a monthly pay rise if you extend your yearly contract, while reimbursements for flights home are also commonly included in a contract. It is also worth noting that salaries in the major cities of Beijing and Shanghai can be double the salaries elsewhere due to the higher cost of living.

Some advice regarding TEFL Jobs in China

Teaching English in ChinaMost importantly, be sure that the school you are signing a contract with has a good reputation. Talk to the school’s current teachers and ask to be put in contact with them during your interview. Red flags should go up if this request is not granted. The school should be willing to put the terms of your employment in a contract and answer all the questions you have about the conditions you will be working in. Don’t accept vague answers, and elicit specific information that can be quantified and/or qualified.

Be sure to ask about class sizes, hours of work, details about salary, housing, paperwork and any other important information you will need in order to make an informed decision. This is not a complete list of things to ask, but it provides you with a base with which to work upon.

Securing a TEFL Job in China

Have a look around this site – it you’re looking for a TEFL job in China there may well be something available in the area of your choice that suits you here. Even if the job you see advertised here was posted some time ago, it may well be worth contacting the school anyway to see if there’s something currently available.

Wherever you decide to work, make sure that you have a contract from the actual school and have thoroughly researched both the recruiting agency or the school itself. Please bear in mind that is in no way associated with any of these employers; jobs listed on this website are in no way endorsed by

TEFL qualifications

The demand for teachers is so high that you often only need to be a native speaker to secure a position. However, if you intend to find a good quality job, you will need a TEFL certification such as that from International TEFL and TESOL Training. If you have no experience or qualifications, you really should look into completing a TEFL certification course from ITTT. Click here for a discount of 20% off any of their online courses or from the deposit for an in-class course. A TEFL qualification will increase your earning potential and give you the necessary teaching skills to perform your job as a teacher effectively.