Teaching Positions Available in High Schools of China

Elite Recruitment and Education is China’s leading privately-owned education company. We are currently recruiting contracted and qualified English/ESL and other subjects teachers for both Kids & Teens schools and Adult schools across China. Interested candidates, please click the Apply Now button, fill out the application form and submit it. Or you can email your CV and a short video about yourself to hr-vicente@elitere.cn. We will reply to you ASAP.

Employer: Elite Recruitment and Education
Employer type: School & Agent
Area: Capital cities of China’s provinces
Weekly contact hrs: 16-22 teaching hours
Monthly salary: 12K~17K RMB
Contact name: Vicente
Contact email: hr-vicente@elitere.cn
Website: https://en.elitere.cn

Job details:

● Above 18 under 60 years old with a good health condition.
● Two years of teaching experience (Optional).
● Bachelor’s degree or above to be verified.
● Over 120 hours ESL / TESOL / CELTA / DELTA certificate (Optional).
● Reference letter from a previous teaching job.
● Clear background check to be verified.

1. 16-22 classes a week. One class is about 40-50 minutes. The class size is about 20-40 students. Around 10 office hours per week (negotiable).
2. Students are 15-19 years old.
3. Courses cover Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Western Culture, Debating, Science, Economy, Marketing, or Business, etc..
4. The contract length is one year. It will start anytime in 2019 or after and is renewable.
5. Teaching materials are provided and feel free to have your own ideas.
6. Office assistants are available.

1. The salary is 10k-16k RMB monthly based on the teaching experience and education background.
2. Fully furnished apartments near or on campus. The school will pay you money monthly for the cost of water, electricity, heating, and maintenance.
3. The annual bonus is up to 10k RMB and back home tickets after fulfilling one year contract.
4. 150-200 RMB overtime payment per class.
5. At least two days off every week, summer holiday, winter holiday paid, and all Chinese national holidays paid.
6. Relocation supports (setting up SIM and bank cards, arrival pickup, and taking to hospital, etc.).
7. Insurance provided.
8. Visa application instruction.
9. Free Chinese lessons (optional).