Teach English in China with Reputable Schools

Ready for Something Different? Are you looking to start a new career? Do you want to do something exciting before entering the workforce? Or, are you simply tired of your current job and need a change? If you answered yes to any of these questions, teaching English in China might be the right solution for you.

Here are just a few of the reasons why:
• Exponential Industry Growth
• Diverse Teaching Environments
• Quality Teaching Positions
• Amazing Life Experiences

We’ll connect you directly to the best schools in China

Finding The Perfect Teaching Job Is Easy With Us.

  • Apply Online: The short application form takes less than 10 minutes to complete and helps us to get to know you better.
    •Meet With Us: We’ll discuss what you want in your teaching experience so we can connect you with the right opportunities.
    •Interview With Schools: We submit your information to schools that offer the best pay and experience. You take it from there, by acing the interview.
    •Start Your Adventure: Once you’ve accepted a job, you’ll work closely with your school to get your visa and prepare for your move to China!

Why Work With Us
1. We’ve been where you are.
2. We’ve built strong relationships.
3. We only work with the best schools.
4. We find the right school for you.
5. We make it easy.

Employer: TETRA Recruitment
Employer type: Recruitment Agency
Area: Nationwide
Weekly contact hours: 20-40
Monthly salary: 10,000-35,000
Contact name: Mauricio Londono
Contact email: info@tetrarecruitment.com
Website: www.tetrarecruitment.com

Job details:

We’ve built relationships throughout the years with all types of schools and institutions. This way, we can make sure we have a breadth of opportunities to be able to match you with the right school according to your skills and requirements.

We only work with schools that offer legal employment and offer the best experiences and compensation. We focus on quality teachers for quality schools.

That’s also why we don’t post our jobs online. We work with discerning schools that are more interested in finding the right candidate for the position rather than accepting hundreds of resumes and ‘seeing what sticks’. They rely on us to screen and match appropriate candidates to their open positions.