Kindergarten English Teachers – Banyan Global Learning – China

Be part of a multinational team of teachers working with Banyan Global Learning! We currently have positions open in China. BGL hires, trains, and supports each Kindergarten English Homeroom Teacher at XingKong School in Kunshan, China. While the school and culture of each are typical for Asia, there is an emphasis on English instruction, Western culture and technology that makes BGL schools unique. Not only will you work with and be supported by the other excellent teachers at your school, you will also work with teachers at other BGL schools throughout Asia.


Employer: XingKong School / Tsai Hsing School
Employer type: Kindergarten
Area: Kunshan (Shanghai) and Taipei (Taiwan)
Weekly contact hours: 40
Monthly salary: 17,000 RMB – 18,700 RMB
Contact name: Seth Fleischauer
Contact email:

Job details:

Monthly salary of 17,000 RMB. If a teacher stays for an optional second year, the monthly salary is 18,700 RMB. An additional 18,700 RMB bonus will be paid upon completion of a second-consecutive year.
School housing (a single apartment or room in a shared apartment) or 3300 RMB/month stipend is provided in the first year of service. Stipend is subject to local taxation.
To offset the cost of transportation to Asia, 5000 RMB is provided as additional salary twice per year (once at the beginning of each semester) for a total of 10,000 RMB travel stipend. Teacher does not need to provide any proof of travel. Stipend is subject to local taxation.
Approximately 3 hours per day of direct instruction as lead-teacher of K1 (preschool), K2 (pre-K) and/or K3 (kindergarten) classes OR a floater position and small-group specialist supporting groups of students in other teachers’ classes, subbing for other teachers and splitting their classes 50/50.
On campus daily for the entirety of school day (7:50am to 4:10pm). Time while on campus but not performing direct teaching should be spent in the classroom so as to be available for informal discussions with students. Teacher lunch and student nap time are exempt from this requirement.
Submit lesson plans when requested.
Attend all required meetings during school hours and weekend commitments such as teacher/parent meetings and other special events.
Correct all applicable student work in a timely manner, record oral readings for periodical exams.
Assist in applicable English language events and competitions during the school day.
Adhere to school-determined lesson pace of special content relevant to periodical exams.
Candidate Requirements:
Must be able to provide access to a demo lesson in Shanghai, Taipei or Los Angeles or an electronic copy of a 15+ minute demo lesson video.
Must be able to interview either over video teleconferencing or in Shanghai, Taipei or Los Angeles.
Must be able to provide at least 3 professional references.
No knowledge of Mandarin is necessary.
National health insurance provided via the acquisition of work visa and residency permit.
School will assist with visa/permit applications.
For positions starting in the 2017-2018 school year, there is a commitment of 1-year term beginning August 15, 2017 and ending June 30, 2018. Teacher who completes two consecutive years receives bonus.
Approximately 3 weeks paid vacation (over Chinese New Year break)*.
Paid time off for local holidays and days between semesters*.
If Teacher signs on for an additional year of service, there is 6 weeks of unpaid leave over summer vacation (unless Teacher is invited to teach summer school).
*Actual time off depends on Education Bureau calendar for that year. For less than one week of Chinese New Year break, teachers will be required to be on campus in preparation for the new semester.