Teachers to public schools in Beijing area (with air ticket, housing and more)

Teach oral English regularly at either a public elementary school (Grade 1-6), a public junior school (Grade 7-9) or a public high school (Grade 10-12) in Beijing, with a class size of 35-45 students.


Employer: Beijing International Education Exchange Center (BIEE)
Employer type: governmental organization
Area: Beijing
Weekly contact hours: 15
Monthly salary: 15000RMB
Contact name: Samuel Wang
Contact email: samuel.wang@tiyea.org
Website: www.biee.bjedu.cn www.tiyea.org

Job details:

Native English Teacher Recruitment

Job Description
l The job is offered by BIEE, and recruited by TIYEA.
l Teaching English in schools located in Beijing China.
l Teach oral English regularly at either a public elementary school (Grade 1-6), a public junior school (Grade 7-9) or a public high school (Grade 10-12) in Beijing, with a class size of 35-45 students.
l Approximately 20 class periods per-week, 45 minutes each; 20 weeks each semester, two semesters each year. Teachers will be expected to implement the curriculum in your daily teaching and complete teaching requirements as assigned.
l Support and assist in the continuous development and enrichment of coursework among students, including participation in extra-curricular activities and regular communicating and collaboration with other faculty and staff.
l Other opportunities including training, observation, experiencing and public-benefit activities, based on teachers’ performance

Organization Introduction
Taiwan International Youth Exchange Association (TIYEA) is a non-profit organization. The objective of TIYEA is to develop the young people international field of vision and lead the international student to know Taiwan and China. The goal is to encourage high school student to broaden their views of what the world is all about and make opportunities to experience different cultures.

Beijing International Education Exchange Center (BIEE) is a non-benefit direct subsidiary of Beijing Municipal Education Commission. BIEE is committed to the international education exchange and cooperation in Beijing area, and has successfully served for different kinds of official education institutions at all level. With more than ten years’ development, BIEE is becoming an important platform of Beijing education foreign affairs. BIEE Foreign Teachers Affairs Office is responsible for bringing in excellent foreign teachers resources, and assisting English education in Beijing public schools.

Qualifications of Candidates
General Requirements
l Between the age of 18-60, in good health, without any criminal record
l A native speaker of English from an English speaking nation (USA, UK, 
Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa, etc.)

Specific Requirements (Candidates subject to one requirement are accepted.)
l Bachelor’s degree or above in education major and a valid certificate in 120-Hour TESOL, TESL or TEFL first
l Bachelor’s degree or above with at least 2 years of English teaching experience

Prospective Compensation and Benefits (depending on schools)
l Monthly Salary pre-tax: 15000 RMB (2190 USD)
l Monthly Housing Allowance pre-tax: 4000 RMB (580 USD)
l One-time Relocation Allowance pre-tax: 4400 RMB (638 USD)
l Annual Round Trip Tickets (Economy Class): Actual Cost Reimbursement(maximum of 13,000 RMB (1885 USD), tax included)
l Vacation Leave: Chinese public holidays plus school holidays
l Health Insurance

Why Beijing?
Once the capital of four dynasties in history and the capital of P.R.China today, Beijing is one of the world’s truly imposing cities. with a 3,000 years History and 11 million people. Covering 16,808 square kilometers in area, it is the political, cultural and economic center of the People’s Republic of China.
Beijing has become one of the most significant cities of the world not only because of its splendid historical heritages such as The Great Wall , The Forbidden City , Summer Palaceand Temple of Heaven , but also for its extravagant building projects of Olympic Games 2008, such as the “Nest”, the world eye-catcher stadium and “Water Cube”, the largeest natatorium of the world so far, which has made Beijing as the world focus of 21 Century by its diversified culture.
A dynamic city where the old and new intermingle, remains a magnet for visitors from inside and outside China. Beijing reasons enough to be a must and worthy place to go!

Advantages of this Program
l Great chance to experience Chinese Culture.
l A full period of teaching length is 10 months, teacher can get an extra two month salary as bonus in fully completion.
l With monthly salary 15000 RMB, you can save up to 18000 USD a year.

Relevant Procedures and Required Documents

Part 1. Before coming to China
Work Permit: Work permit is a necessary document issued by Beijing Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs when you apply for working visa (Z visa) to China. The documents required by Beijing Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs for the work permit are as below:
l Original and Clear color-scanned copy of original bachelor’s degree certificate or above and professional qualification certificates (If the original degree certificate is not available, an original authentic certificate issued by your graduate school, or one notarized by state notarial departments and authorized by foreign Chinese Embassies will also be accepted.)
l Original and copies of the proofs or certificates of the relevant work experience in your resume (If it’s a recommendation or reference letter, there should be your former employer’s letter head, the stamp and the signature.)
l Original and copy of criminal history record issued by your home country’s official police departments in recent 6 months and at least three months before validity
l Copy of your/your spouse’s Health Certificate issued by a foreign health care with clear doctor’s signature on it
l Copy of your/your family members’ valid passport(s) and a certificate of Kinship (applicable when coming with family members);
l Three recent 2-inch certificate photographs of you (bareheaded, full-faced, white background, size: 400×300mm) (The digital certificate photo should be in JPG format and within 200 kb.)
l Originals and Copies of employment contracts with valid signatures and stamps.
l Personal Resume

Part 2. After coming to China
Foreign Experts Certificate: Foreign Experts Certificate is a legal working certificate issued by Beijing Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs to foreigners during their working contracts in China, with a validity of one year.
Residence Permit: Residence Permit is issued by Beijing Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration to legal working foreigners in Beijing.
(Reference to Beijing relevant policies in September, 2016)

Essential Attributes
We invite resumes from qualified and dedicated teachers to join us in Beijing. Essential attributes include:
l Ability to inspire students
l Vibrant love of learning
l Desire to foster creative thinking in students
l Passion for teaching; the ability to interact well with students to foster a spirit of confident interaction and lively communication
l Experience in creating a positive learning environment for students
l Team player who is able to adapt to new and different situations and ready to obey daily managements
l With specific hobbies and talents

Contact Information
Please send your resumes (include a color ID photo, certificates, etc.) to samuel.wang@tiyea.org . If you have any question please send to the e-mail address above and contact Recruitment Specialist Samuel Wang.