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Teach English in China
Experience a different career and life

Employer: WOOK Talent
Employer type: Job Placement agency
Area: Shanghai & Beijing
Weekly contact hrs: 40
Monthly salary: 2500 USD to 3500 USD
Contact name: anatole
Contact email:

Job details:

Teach English in China
Experience a different career and life

Teaching English in China can be a good start for your international career, especially for graduates with a major in business or education. Spending one or two years in China will get you not only a global vision but also exclusive business opportunities in the future at the world’s second-largest economy. You will receive a competitive salary, which allows you to have a high-quality life in China.

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Why apply through agency WOOK Talent?

  • We are authenticated by the American embassy in China.
    • Almost all the Chinese educational brands cooperate with us, but we only carefully choose the most reliable schools and the best offers for our candidates.
    • We are free for our candidates.
    • Actually, we pay double than EF to our teachers, because we believe that it makes more sense to spend the company budget on people than cold marketing channels.
    • After going through over 1000 visa cases, we are the ultimate professional in the Chinese visa field.
    • Our recruiter team holds master’s degrees and speaks three languages on average, humble, humorous, and easy to communicate.
    • We take care of the candidates whose first time come to China with the diplomacy standard, ready to solve all the problems which you can possibly meet.

Salary and benefits :

– Salary range: 2800 USD – 3500 USD per month (after tax)
– A furnished apartment or accommodation allowance which could cover your monthly rent will be provided.
– Medical insurance
– Flight ticket allowance
– Contract bonus

Wook Tips:
The salary range of a foreign English teacher in China is three times the average salary (800 USD) in China. For the monthly consumption, 1000 USD will get you a decent life in China.

Class information :
– Student age: 3 to 12 years old
– Class size: 10 to 15 students

Wook Tips:
Since it’s their best age to learn oral English, they want to know the feeling to speak English. You don’t need to teach them complex grammar or literature. The most important thing is to pass your English accent to them and show them simple sentences and words.

Working hours :
– 5 days per week
– 8 hours per day

Wook Tips:
Generally, you will have 25 hours for lesson per week and 15 office hours per week.

Cities :
– SuperCity: Shanghai / Beijing
– Modern City: Chengdu / Shenzhen / Guangzhou / Tianjin / Qingdao / Xian +
– Small City: Rizhao / Jieyang / Zhoushan / Liyang / Zhangjiakou +

Wook Tips:
We have positions all over China. Whether you prefer to live in a modern city or a traditional village. We provide you different English teaching job offers with different lifestyles.

Schools :
– International School / Language training School / Kindergarten

Wook Tips:
WOOK Talent cooperates with 12 main educational brands in China. Each of the brands has over 300 branch campus all over China.

Relocation support:

– Airport Pick Up
– Sim Card, Bank Card, Wechat Pay, Alipay assistance
– Assistance for renting an apartment
– 1 to 1 visa consulting
– Real-time English to Chinese oral translation
– Private Internet assistance to get access to Youtube, Facebook, Netflix in China
Requirements :

– Native English Speaker
– Patient with young learners
– Open-minded, ready to work abroad
– Bachelor Degree required for work visa
– TEFL/TESOL/CELTA/IB certifications preferred but not required
– Teaching experience preferred but passion is more important

Wook Tips: The duration of the employment contract will last for one year

Apply :
– Apply via our website:

If you have any question feel free to contact us via :
– Email:
– Skype Live: mengfanchen93
– Facebook Page:
– Wechat: 362335795


About WOOK Talent:

WOOK Talent is a premier ESL agency authenticated by the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs and the American embassy in China. WOOK Talent collaborates with over 1200 educational institutions across China and offers more than 500 job vacancies for English teachers and educational managers per month.

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Is China Safe?

  1. China has the most strict drug control in the world.
    2. China has the most strict gun control in the world.
    3. Security cameras are equipped every corner on the street.

China has the largest population and the lowest crime rate in the world. It is safe for you to walk alone outside 2:00 AM.

Do I need to speak Chinese to be an English teacher in China?

No, you needn’t.

To be an English teacher in China. The Chinese language level is not necessary.

For life :
Most of the young Chinese start learning English at the age of 5 until the graduation of the university. Real-time translation software is also quite practical for communication; for example, taxi drivers will use the real-time voice translation software to communicate with you.

For work :
Generally, you will have a Chinese teaching assistant in the classroom who speak both Chinese and English to help the young students understand your lesson content.

How can I get my visa to China?

We will help you prepare all the documents for your visa application.
You could check the “Visa” page on to find all the necessary information about visa to China.

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