ESL Teacher for kindergarten in Shanghai

You teach English, are interested in exploring Asia, and also enjoy working with children.
We are hiring!


Employer: KARL Asia Pacific International Education Group INC.
Employer type: Education Consulting Company
Area: Shanghai
Weekly contact hours: 36 hours/week
Monthly salary: 3,000$CAD~3,500$CAD
Contact name: Kalia Huang
Contact email:

Job details:

Salary: 3,000$CAD~3,500$CAD(15,000~18,000RMB/month)
Bonus: 990$CAD (upon completion of 12 month contract)
Airport pickup
Arrival allowance: flight ticket 994 $CAD+VISA fee 397 $CAD
Free accommodation for 1 month
Chinese health insurance (includes accident insurance)
A one-time 39$CAD Utilities fee (regardless of duration of stay)

Schedule (specific times can vary between schools, but durations are the same)
Monday & Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday – Friday: 3-9pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8:30am-5:30 pm (includes 1 hour unpaid lunch break)
36 total working hours per week
Maximum 24 classroom/teaching hours per week.(Typical is 21 hours, 14 classes)
Rest of the time are office hours (includes events, demos, etc.)

Class overview
Duration: 1.5 hours (40 min. session / 10 min. break / 40 min. session)
Age range: 3-12
Class size: between 10-20 kids
Company provides full curriculum, flashcards, posters, song recordings, balls, dice, etc.

1.Experience of English teaching needed
2.TEFL Certification(e.g. TESOL)
3.Bachelor degree
4.Passport from one of the following countries(USA, Canada, The UK, Ireland,
Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.)
5.Have to be age 18-55/60(According to work visa restriction)
6.Criminal record check, birth certificate.