English Teacher across China

10k RMB per month/23 hours per week/3 days off per week/14 days paid holiday/free single apartment/flight allowance/medical insurance/free Chinese lessons.


Employer: Aston Educational Group
Employer type: Language school
Area: 120 schools in 70 cities across China
Weekly contact hours: 23 hours
Monthly salary: 10k RMB
Contact name: Alex
Contact email: alexmiao@astonschool.com
Website: www.astoneducation.com

Job details:

  1. Teach scheduled class hours as outlined in the contract. Class hours include scheduled lessons, substitutions, outside teaching, one-to-one tutoring, educational promotional events
  2. Prepare lesson plans and mark homework according to the guidelines set by Aston
  3. Follow the curriculum, the course aims and lesson objectives
  4. Complete the teacher’s Daily Class Log
  5. Carry out on-going assessments
  6. Conduct and grade mid-term and final exams
  7. Complete all assessment paperwork, grade cards, assessment forms and Aston Passports for Success
  8. Work with the Chinese teacher to ensure effective lessons
  9. Attend training events
  10. Undertake professional development, lesson observation and feedback.
  11. Abide by Aston’s policies as outlined in the contract and the Foreign Teachers’ Staff Manual

Role Competence

  1. Nationalities: Native English speakers from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand only for all Aston locations, South Africa for some Aston locations
  2. Education background: Bachelor degree or above in any subject
  3. Age range: 23 to 55 years old
  4. Certificate of qualification: Professional qualifications in the field of TESOL or TEFL
  5. Work experience: 1 to 2 years work experience after graduation. Some Aston locations may ask for 2 years teaching experience. Work experience related to teaching is preferred
  6. Clean criminal record & Good health

Benefits Package

  1. Attractive salaries dependent on specific contract types
  2. Z visa provided
  3. Free accommodation
  4. Insurance provided
  5. Contract completion bonus
  6. 14 days paid holiday per year
  7. 4 hours of Chinese classes per week for free
  8. A rewarding career path